The company

The "Binomio fantástico Company" arises in 2011 in Rosario, Argentina, from the meeting of Julia Lamas, singer, dancer and circus artist and Javier Müller, guitarist and juggler.

Since then they are presented with their two shows: "Esdrújula, songs and circus and" Passage, music of the world "in different cultural spaces, libraries, museums, schools and festivals in their country, Brazil, Mexico and Europe.

Currently they tour with their itinerant project of shows and workshops.



Julia Lamas

Singer, circus artist and movement researcher.

Her training starts at a very young age as a dancer and singer. Later she dedicates herself specifically to the circus performance. She has been part of several companies of performing arts and music bands since 1999 making tours, presentations and participating in festivals both in Argentina and abroad.

Javier Müller

He is a musician, juggler and graduate
music teacher. His training as a musician
begins with the study of the career
of classical guitar and music education
with orientation in piano of the U.N.R and
continues in the Provincial Music Faculty.
His approach to the circus is developed
from the training of juggling and acrobatics,
first self-taught and currently in the
School of Urban Arts.