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Esdrújula   songs and circus

"Esdrújula" is a circus and live music show for the enjoyment of all the family.

 Two musicians, she is a singer and he is a guitarist, "Vespertina" and "Nocturno". She is a little crazy, he is always so serious, but when they are on stage, everything can happen...


Between world rhythms and sung stories, they sometimes could be jugglers or puppets, dancers or acrobats.

Pasaje world music

"A journey around some corners of the world delineating the route of a trip, to tell a small story of each culture through its musical genres".


An exquisite repertory of music in French, English, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Mixtec and Zapotec (native languages of Oaxaca, Mexico).

Valses, bossa nova, sevillana, tango, swing, jazz, and songs from just around the corner...



A concert of world music, played by Binomio Fantástico with Nicolas Tomé in accordion, piano and percussion.


Some October 4th Sputnik took off (Russian fellow traveller) a satellite that is in orbit some time ago, traveling, with its music, some corners of the planet.